TC Economic Insight

Adding an insightful analytic layer to the global macroeconomic events that move today's markets.

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A premium feature set meets a familiar format.

TC Economic Insight arms today's traders with the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving economic events. Using actionable real-time data, powerful impact and volatility tools, and interactive charting TC Economic Insight enables traders to identify and assess how economic events are impacting FX pairs.

With over 115 FX charts mapped to economic events from 38 different countries, this research solution provides traders with rich data insights helping them make timely, educated trade decisions.

Take the tour of the platforms key features:
Modern, Interactive Charting: Gather exact data points while hovering over the chart and zooming into particular events of interest.
Customizable Filters: Focus on the data that's important to you! Filter by individual country or by events that carry a specific importance level.
Timezone Detection & Customization: A trader's timezone will automatically be detected and display economic events accordingly.
Actionable, Real-Time Data: All macro-economic data is tracked and updated in real-time, ensuring traders always act on the most recent information.
Mobile Friendly: We've engineered the platform to be fully responsive, so you can access its rich analytics whenever you need to.
Calculations are done for all popular time frames used by FX traders.

Take a look at the key features...

1. Access modern, daily forex charts.

Relative to the chosen economic event, our daily forex charts plot historical economic events with real-time current pricing.

2. View the Event Chart.

Discover the historical trend for economic events based on "forecast" and "actual"  values.

3. Identify trends using our Volatility Chart.

View a histogram summarizing the volatility and price direction experienced after a collection of the most recent events.

4. Review our Impact Chart.

Use the Impact Chart to walk through each economic event and see how the price responded in terms of volatility and price direction.

5. Find related forex pairs.

Use the drop down to easily view different forex pairs related to the economic event.

6. Manage your risk.

Determine an ideal position size as well as Stop Loss & Take Profit targets using the historical Average of True Range pips.

7. Add the event to your calendar.

Track upcoming economical events by adding them to your personal calendar.
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